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GOAL: $100,000


Turtle in the Reef

We Need Your Help!

Arrecife Condado Inc. is proposing the creation of an artificial reef for the benefit of all residents, tourists, business owners, and  hotel guests that visit, swim in and enjoy the stretch of beach spanning between the Ventana Al Mar to Cervantes Street in Condado, Santurce, Puerto Rico.


What is Arrecife Condado?

Arrecife Condado, Inc. is a non-profit corporation arising from a community of concerned San Juan citizens who have come together on a voluntary basis in a concerted search for an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to a situation that affects all of us: how to make the Condado beach experience a safer one for all beachgoers, restore and increase the marine bio-diversity of the area and protect the beach from increased erosion caused by the seasonal extreme weather pattern and sea level rise.

We’d like you to join our efforts and help make this donations/private funds-based pilot project a reality.

Condado Beach
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