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Our Objective

As a volunteer group, we aim to create as much awareness as possible for this cause. The sooner  residents and entities learn about us and choose to support the Arrecife Condado pilot project, the sooner the submerged artificial reef & marine habitat will be in place. The three-segment artificial reef will be located approximately 150 meters offshore from. The artificial reef will preserve the beach’s natural beauty and form as well as taking away dangerous rip tides and cross-currents.

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Initial Goal is Three-Pronged:

  1. Saving lives by making the beach a safe one.

  2. Restoring and increasing marine life by creating new habitats for multiple species.

  3. Protecting the beach from coastal erosion.

Secondary Goal Includes:

  • Developing and promoting low impact recreational activities in the reefs’ vicinity.

  • Protecting and endorsing sustainable financial development and employment by reverting beach asset degradation in areas adjacent to the proposed artificial reef.

  • Serving as a pilot project and model for other island beaches with similar dangerous currents.

  • Creating a marine laboratory for students of all levels and scientists willing and able to study and protect the reef’s development and conservation along with all species that will eventually inhabit it.

  • Beach nourishment through increased sand and future planting of coastal resistant flora in the entire coastline for the protection of turtle nests and properties from increased erosion.

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How is this going to happen?

The construction phase calls for selecting large boulders of granite rocks weighing from 7-10 tons, available at Puerto Rico quarries. They will be transported on a crane-barge to the site and will be submerged complying with the final design approved by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Natural en Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico.

Arrecife Condado, Inc. is open to all citizens of Puerto Rico, entities and organizations willing to join this community/volunteer based effort and pilot project. With your help our team will make strides to educate the community and work through required permits, designs and final construction.

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